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How to open .DSL file extension?

File Type : Product Compass Suite Product Launcher (Deadline Software)
Compatible with (WinXP,Vista,Win7,Win8 and Win10)

Looking for a program to open .DSL files?

"Windows unable to open a file!" is probably the most common error faced by millions every day. This is either because the program required to open a file is not available on your system or there may be other issues.

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What is .DSL file extension?

.DSL file extension is a known file type. This section of tells you everything you need to know about this extension.
Dictionary file used by Lingvo Dictionary software, which is used to translate words into different languages and look up definitions; contains dictionary entries, which are made up of the headword of the card (defined word) and the body of the card (definition). You can create an LSD file from a DSL file. First create a plain text document, such as a .TXT file, with the correct DSL formatting and then rename the file extension to ".dsl." You can then use the DSL Compiler that is included with the Lingvo Dictionary application. This tool will then compile the DSL file into an LSD file. The header of the file is in the following format: #NAME "Dictionary_Name" #INDEX_LANGUAGE "Source_Language" #CONTENTS_LANGUAGE "Target_Language" #INCLUDE "C:\\Dictionaries\\Dictionary_file.dsl" The #INCLUDE command only needs to be used if you want your dictionary to include other entries. You must put the whole path to the file with "\\" instead of "\" to indicate the folders. NOTE: When compiling the DSL file, you can choose to create a .DDE error log file to document any errors. It will appear with the same name as your DSL file. Also an .ANN annotation file may be created with your DSL file. This file will also bear the same name as your DSL file.
You can see a list of software programs here on that can open this file type so that you don’t need to search for it on the web. You can then open your file with this extension using a software listed below.

Software that can be used to open .DSL files:

Microsoft Windows:
  • ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary
  • GoldenDict
Google Android:
  • ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries
Apple Mac OS X:
  • ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary