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How to open .ULX file extension?

File Type : Glulx Game
Compatible with (WinXP,Vista,Win7,Win8 and Win10)

Looking for a program to open .ULX files?

"Windows unable to open a file!" is probably the most common error faced by millions every day. This is either because the program required to open a file is not available on your system or there may be other issues.

We recommend that you run a free scan to check for missing drivers.



What is .ULX file extension?

.ULX file extension is a known file type. This section tells you everything you need to know about this extension.
Game file used for Interactive Fiction (IF) games and played by "Interpreters," such as Zoom or Frotz; similar to the .Z8 file extension used by Z-machine; contains a game where you navigate through a story by typing commands; includes code written in Glulx format to expand past limitations of the Z-code format such as the limit on file size. IF games were first developed in the 1980s and exploded in popularity. The games are text adventures where the player navigates through the story with word commands instead of moving a character like in current first-person shooter games. An example of gameplay derived from the sensory.ulx demo file created by Andrew Plotkin: Entrance Lobby Dim light filters down from the Florentine dome overhead. White pillars march around the perimeter of the room, framing three arches: the Hall of Winds to the west, the Visual Gallery to the east, and the exit to the south. A big brass gong hangs on the wall, next to an ornate calligraphed scroll. >[Type in a verb command here, e.g., Hit the gong]
You can see a list of software programs below that can open this file type so that you don’t need to search for it on the web. You can then open your file with this extension using a software listed below.

Software that can be used to open .ULX files:

Microsoft Windows:
  • Windows Frotz
Google Android:
  • Twisty
  • Zoom
Apple Mac OS X:
  • Zoom
  • Spatterlight